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5 Best Valentines Day Candy Box to get in Lagos


Everyone adores the goodness that is Chocolates and Candy and a box of chocolates or assorted candy is the most classically traditional gift to give on Valentine’s Day.

You can gift a box of chocolates to just about anyone – from colleagues, to friends, to family, and kids. Everyone loves this decadent part of the occasion.

we have put together some very delightful mix for your viewing and purchase pleasure online . The variety is greater than anything you’ll find locally.

We’ve rounded up 5 of the best Curated boxes of chocolates and assorted candies to gift this Valentine’s Day, all reasonably priced and ready for gift giving.

A Ferrero Spell

Sugar Rush Box
The Ferrero Spell

Whether you need to bring some light into someone’s life or want to show a special somehow how much of a blessing they are in your life, this Ferrero Spell will definitely leave the receiver spell bound and mystified This box includes ,Donuts, Assortment of Ferrero Rocher , assorted confectionary . Buy here

price : 15,000 NG

Mi Amor

valentine gift box
Mi Amor . valentines day themed sugar rush box

This box of chocolates and donuts mix surpasses the kind you can buy at the mall on so many levels. It’s not only tasty, but also rich, decadent, smooth, and will rival the best white gummies and chocolate you’ve ever had. You’ll find a variety of flavors with something for everyone. The box includes, Donuts, Ferrero Rochers, Topped with assorted confectionary. Buy here

Price: 7,000NG

Snickers Bae

Sugar Rush Box
SnickerS Bae

Who doesn’t like Snickers chocolates? The answer is no one. These melt in your mouth treats can be eaten in just a bite or two, and before you know it, the entire box is gone. They have some crunch from the center, a little bit of salt from the nuts, and a velvety creamy chocolate exterior that ties the whole thing together and the donut mix are just ridiculously perfect. This box includes Donuts, Snickers, Topped with assorted confectionary. Buy Here

Price: 10,000NG

Kit Kat For My Kitty Kat

thepinkdynasty valentine
Kit Kat for My Kitty Kat

When it comes to Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes, the contents are important, but the presentation can make or break your chocolate inspired gift. This presentation is one of our absolute favorites and the Kit Kat Brand of chocolate bars come in the most perfect bright Valentine’s Day red color. This box includes Donuts, KitKat Bars, Topped with assorted confectionary. Buy Here

Price: 10,000NG

Sisca Bisca

Sugar Rush Box
sisca Bisca twista

It doesn’t get prettier than these assorted Mix that are almost too pretty to eat. Mixed with Donuts, Twix ,Kit kats, A zing feel of Skittles and Gummies and a blast of M&M goodness. This is a box made in candy heaven. Buy Here


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