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It has been a while, 

I am hoping you are doing well and hanging in there against all odds

 because a lot has been uncertain lately .

My parents always reminded my brother and I

 that we can never pour from an empty cup 

so when I feel like I need to recharge I usually take mental health breaks 

so I deeply apologize in advance for future random breaks I might as well

 but next time there will definitely be a heads up.

Now before we get into the beauty of alchemy 

I  am hoping you all took time out to create your vision boards 

 I would love to see or hear about some of the big and small wins you have

achieved since creating your vision board

  Alchemy is the art that separates what is useful from what is not ,by transforming it into its ultimate matter and essence. Transformation also means waking up some days and not feeling like yourself but still carrying on with hope.with the uncertainty of the election coupled with the Naira scarcity and so much more In a nutshell I know that everything works out in the end and I really need you to trust the process and love yourself through the alchemy because this is all temporary, So please be kind to yourself and love yourself through it and remember that change will come and It will come only  when your heart is read to carry it.xo

Incase you need a visual representation of what a vision board looks like here is one below.

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