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IT’S YEAR 2023

and I am here again with gratitude and hope. 
I am grateful that somehow in this life time our paths aligned 

 and Hopeful that this year we are going to be intentional about how much love we give ourselves .

I know the idea of having a new year resolution is cliché 

So how about we don’t wait until the new year to start developing new habits ?

but since we are here let call this

5things we can to do to meet our higher selves this year.

Sounds better?


This might seem like something unnecessary and irrelevant if I might add 

but let me tell you why this singular act can change your life . 
We spend majority of our time online , surfing , searching and just existing vicariously through others and in return your mind consumes everything it sees. 

So imagine if you unfollow blogs and people who do not pour into you mentally

 and people you no longer find relatable and in turn you follow people who you find relatable and admire, 

people whose lives mirror the type of life you want for yourself .

So whenever you open your phone and go on your feed , 

you are constantly learning and you are motivated and reminded  of the person you owe yourself to be.


Maybe it’s because I am a craft head 

or maybe because Art speaks a language only the heart understands. 

I have always been fascinated by the concept

 of being able to visualize my goals and dreams

 and the easiest way I know to do this is to use Canva and Pintrest . 

This has helped me so much in my journey as an entrepreneur 

and I really want you to give this a try.

 Create your ideal Virtual Vision board and make it your screen saver for your phone and Pc , so that again , when you open these devices

 your future self awaits and greets you

 even if you aren’t actively thinking about it . 

If you do not know how to create one search online for inspiration


You may have heard people raving about how life changing  

and rewarding it is to pen down your thoughts 

and I am here to reaffirm that they are right. 

With how much technology has evolved

 You don’t have to do it the traditional way because

 I know everyone is occupied these days. 

You can take digital notes on your phone, 

make daily or weekly video notes where you record yourself talking to yourself , 

you can also create voice recordings and if you are like me you can combine journaling and scrapbooking 

or just take notes the traditional way 
Key point is to journal like you already are your higher self ,

 using present or past tense indicating that 

what you are writing about is already yours 

and finish by expressing a ton of gratitude to the creator

 because gratitude is a must and you have to trust in the divine timing of your life.

 Do not obsess over a timeline . 

Trust the process .


Make a conscious effort to have breakfast. 

This may be difficult for some people , myself included but

 having breakfast serves as the fuel for your day 

so imagine driving a car without fuel, eventually you will mess up your engine right? Also put in effort to have a fruit a day.

 I do know that trying to eat a balanced diet a day especially 

with how much carbohydrates we consume would

 not be an easy task but we can try by eating clean and more energy fiber filled meals because if our body feels good 

it would In turn radiate outwardly and also improve our skin and mental health

 and the music we listen to also affects our mental health 

and mood so try to listen to songs with frequencies 

that can elevate your mood.


It doesn’t matter if you identify as religious or spiritual , 

cleansing your space can be through prayers 

and words of affirmation and comfort 

whatever you need to do to get back to base line and to feel centered . 

Whatever you need to do to call yourself back into being present . 
Do it and see how easily things start to fall in place .

Bonus point go to places and do things you imagine your future self would do. 
It could be spending time at a Library, Reading a book , eating alone at a Café or a bougie restaurant , attending a workshop , buying things for yourself,

you might not enjoy it or you may feel uncomfortable doing these things or being in those spaces , keep showing up as your future self and you will eventually meet him/her.

So as we begin this year I wish you Ease , 

may things come easily for you and may all your goals and aspiration align .

Zora Neale Huston said

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

I pray with all my heart that this year answers.


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