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Last Friday felt like a dream and I am so glad that my message

 resonated with most of you and here I am again , hoping that you 

took out time to relax, unwind and be present. 

First let me say thank you to those who felt comfortable enough to share their thoughts and story with me and I am really grateful that we found each other and I want you to consider my presence , a reminder that everything will be fine and that healing will come from within but I will make sure you never feel alone by doing my best to be here whenever you need to reach out.

This past weekend leading up to today has been a learning curve. 

So much has happened beyond my control and I have learnt to be extra careful 

with my thoughts and do all I can to protect my mind from feeding off of negative energy because we give life to what we give our energy to . 

I am learning everyday that what I focus on will grow bigger 

so it is important to focus on the positive . 

I had someone recently tell me they have to be strong because 

they have no other choice and I think that It is crazy and isolating

 when you feel like you have to mask up strength 

so people do not perceive you as weak  

You cannot heal if you keep pretending like it doesn’t hurt 

and you do not have to be at your lowest 

to ask for help because 

 a Life where you have to be strong everyday is not a life at all ,

so please 

It is okay to not be okay 

Listen , Some days are harder than others 

and with life constantly throwing curve balls at us

 it may seem as though all our efforts are not paying off. 

However just because you cannot see your progress 

doesn’t mean it is not happening .

Always Remember that your worth is not conditional , 

it doesn’t depend on external factors,

 it is inherent in the fact that you exist . 

My point is, things may have not gone the way you expected it to 

and you may be feeling sad and defeated 

and these are very valid emotions 

but the mere fact that you are here and breathing means

 you have so much more to offer 

and there will be more opportunities

 in your future as long as you do not give up..

I have had a lot of ‘aha’ moments this week 

 but what has stood out the most is

realizing that the relationship you have with yourself 

sets the tone for every other relationship

you have , be it romantic, platonic or business. 

Self-Love is Paramount to self-growth and it is not selfish. 

So when I hear people say

 “love your neighbor as yourself ‘ 

as a way to describe or emphasize the need for selflessness

 it makes me wonder because realistically 

how can you give what you do not have ?

how can you love thy neighbor as thyself if you do not love yourself to begin with?

Hence why I believe everyone must strive to attain a healthy level of self-love

and with self-love comes the ability to check in 

on yourself to know when your mind needs a break

 and that leads us to our mental health conversation of the day.

Set healthy boundaries 

When you lose an emotional attachment to someone or a thing

you realize how ordinary they were

it was your love , energy and attention that made that thing or person 

seem special

so if you are trying to improve your mental health 

you have to develop a boundary with your intake of information.

Family drama , Gossips from blogs and other peoples story  

will likely bring you down especially if you are an empath , 

you basically absorb these information and they become really heavy. 

staying online and reading about tragic events will drain you

 mentally and physically. 

So block out things and people that are low vibrational.

If a certain persons post makes you feel uncomfortable or triggers 

an emotion that is unsettling block that page or user

 or mute them if you think blocking is too extreme.

You owe it to yourself to monitor what your mind consumes. 

Your existence is a blessing so treat it as such

From the messages I received last week we have two groups of people

 who subscribed to this newsletter

 the working Baddies and my Schooling Babies 

To my working Baddies ,

 Its okay to take out time to rest, we were not put here on earth to work , pay bills and die . Enjoy the little moments you can find and create time for yourself to reconnect with friends and family that fill you up when you feel overwhelmed and stressed because life goes on with or without you , if you break down or become indisposed you would be replaced at your work place immediately and if you run a business if you are indisposed your business would likely come to a halt 

so take care of the person behind the brand.

 To my schooling Babies,

Please remember that your grades do not define you

 and with the pressure to finish up your course work now 

that the strike has been called off ,

It will be very overwhelming to keep up and it comes 

with a lot of brain work but you will be fine 

so try and take it one day at a time and do your very best 

to prioritize your activities .

I am rooting for you 


Whatever you are going through right now will definitely pass

I know it will pass , we both know that it will pass but right now it is heavy

but someday you will look back on this time and wonder how you got through it.

I want you all to remember that

it is only because there is darkness that there can be light ,

So Keep going 

Put more focus into what gives you peace 

Below is some positive illustration

and a color coded mental health check-in 


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