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 IS KOEAN FOR BESTIEEEEEE How are you doing today?I Woke up with a migraine so I could not send out a mail in the morning but I feel better now so here I am to remind you that as the year comes to an end you owe it to yourself to be gracious and treat yourself with ease and most importantly do not feel pressured into feeling that over the next couple of days or weeks you   you have to finish this year “strong” If you’ve struggled with anything this year but you’ve continued to show up for yourself, even in the smallest of ways, baby, you’ve done well. I think it’s very hard to be happy when you’re suppressing or betraying yourself. There’s always a little part of you that’s like  “we’re not being authentic. We’re not honoring our story. We’re not healing; we’re just living life on autopilot.” So take time out and think about the Space between “not just yet” and “not any more” and how incredibly lonely it gets and how we are all just honestly winging it. We have no clue how we are moving forward or how we are coping , WE JUST ARE. So this is just a reminder thatIt’s okay to discuss the nothingness that lingers between the “new” and “old”Because honestly what do you call a space that “isn’t what it was but not quite what it’s meant to be? What’s this stage or chapter called? Being incredibly aware of the weight of transformation yet not fully formed like deep down you know you are dying and getting reborn simultaneously but you can’t see it in your reality just yet.It takes Patience and trusting the process The older I get the more I realize that everything really is that deep. The people you confide in, trust, date, become friends with, where you work, the opportunities you take. What you watch, what you eat, and even what you consume. Its very deep and shouldn’t be taken lightly… So make it a priority to prioritize yourself  PS: Compliment of the season and happy new year in advance .This would be my last Pink Friday mail of the year as I will be taking a break to recharge and unwind. Feel free to email me whenever you feel a need to  XO

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