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Hello, Its me again,
I have missed you and I am excited to catch up 
but first let me give a little life update leading up to this moment .
So as you know , I am very big on my peace and my mental health and i take pride in how much love I pour into my brand and when I created the pink space i initially sort out to create a safe space for vendors to interact and promote their brand because i remember how incredibly lonely it was when I first started and i wanted to fill that gap while helping others feel less alone and some how that affected my brand in ways I certainly was not prepared for.
We had over 700 people in the group and then little by little I started experiencing problems that were unreal and that were directly or coincidentally linked to people who I thought I was helping. Problems  from  stealing my content and passing it off as theirs, to people forming insane alliances to report my business pages on Tiktok and Instagram for nudity i am on my 6th Titktok account in a span of 5 months  and to receiving emails that really affected my business and I will likely go into details in a follow up mail as a guide on what not to do as a business owner even if it feels like you are helping,i promise you,  there are people who certainly are lurking just to take you down. So after a few months on ranging and getting upset i finally decided to take down the whatsapp group and surprise surprise all or at least some of my issues have been resolved since then . 
So ultimately i have decided to make the pink space a safe space because i love helping in ways that i can but i will no longer be using whatsapp for engagement  and would focus on the instagram page @the.pinkspace and the newsletter and would repost on the blog part of the pinkdynasty website so you can share and comment if you will and  perharps in the future we can create more channels.
What this experience has taught me is life will throw curveballs at you at ant given opportunity and you owe it to yourself to make lemonades out of lemons and to keep in mind that 
It is okay to sit down , relax ,flow in your energy , treat yourself if you will, do nothing if you must . Take a break from the shackles of independence , ask for help if you must ,Be soft. Take the cape off and remember it is going to be ok ,things will fall in place in due time.
and remember,  no matter how uncertain things are ,the sun has always found a way to remind us that there is still life to e lived, love to be felt joy to be found and memories to be made.
So as always i wish you Ease , 
and may good things come easily for you and may all your goals and aspiration align 
Make good choices 
With Love 

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