How are you doing today and hope you had a productive week? 

 As we come to the end of the week I hope you prioritize Self care and use the opportunity to decompress.

I am currently reading a book titled “The Game of life and how to play it” and it’s an amazing read and I genuinely wish everyone can take time out of their day to read it , 

it is not bulky and it is very direct. It puts into perspective a lot of things 

that may seem out of the ordinary and it enhances the need to control your mind. 

so for those who love reading I would attach a pdf version and for those who might enjoy listening to the book as an audio file I will attach a link for that below ,

 if and when you do read or listen to it I would love to hear your take.

Last Friday I was in such a funk but I knew I had to send out mails because

 I certainly love this little community I have created

 and I would love to see it grow into something special and that means

 I cannot make excuses regardless of how I feel and last week was an example of that 

because I typed and didn’t proof read and just sent in hopes 

that regardless of the errors you guys would still understand the message 

and yes you did and I am glad and as usual thank you for trusting me enough to share your struggles with me and also seek my advice ,it warms my heart. 

So realizing that we are all having a shared experience 

as Nigerians in this climate is both outrageous and humbling. 

we are all struggling in one way or another mentally

 and Nigeria as a country is not helping in anyway

 and I can see how disappointing and how defeating that must feel as a student, 

business owner, civil servant and corporate worker. 

The standard of living increases but the funds ,salary ,

budget doesn’t increase and its just like , what even is life? You know?


This is where the topic for today comes in and it focuses

 on the use of our mind to reach 

what we can call the zero point. 

At zero point, we naturally realize that beyond all our identity and boundaries,

 we are all just human beings belonging to this earth; 

we are earth citizens. 

In order to make the zero point physically manifest and 

come to life you have to take somethings into consideration

First realize that In life there is no failure , you either win or you learn and 

Just because it is hard, doesn’t mean it is impossible, 

you have to often Work hard in silence and let your success

 be your noise because you can only get better through

 actions and remember to not compare your life to others ,

 there is no comparison between the sun and the moon they shine when it is their time 

 Celebrate every win no matter how small.

Another way I would like to describe the Zero Point in a more relatable way would be ‘Rock Bottom” because the only way else to go is UP. 

I know we live in a fast paced world filled with uncertainties and doubts 

and barely do we ever have time to be in moment and be present

 because we are always worrying about what comes next

 in the future here is a verse to hold on to 

she is clothed with strength

and dignity, and she 

laughs without fear 

of the future .

Proverbs 31:25

 So Remember that Gods plans and promises are far more valuable 

than any momentary joy one can achieve , 

so please pace yourself and trust in the timing of your life.

you are not far behind and you are exactly where you ought to be.

life is a marathon and not a race.

you are doing the best you can.

You may not understand  now

what i am doin 

but someday you will 

John 13:7

I will love to hear from you even if it’s just a response to this  mail 

telling me that you are okay and getting by.

Sending love from Point Zero



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